About us

Increasing access to content

The Geneva Action Platform for Engaging, Learning and Information (Gapeli) shares knowledge on the global challenges facing the modern world. This role is key to engaging global citizens in the debates and negotiations that impact lives across the planet.

Who we are

The Geneva Action Platform for Engaging, Learning and Information (Gapeli) is an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland, the home of international governance. The team draws on rich and diverse experience in areas ranging from communications to policy analysis.

Our mission

"Everything that is done here, in Geneva, has a direct impact on every person on this planet, in any 24 hour period" - Michael Møller, Director General of United Nations Office at Geneva.

Gapeli promotes ‘sustainable-development related content’ and does so by focusing a real-time lens on the actual debates and negotiations that address global issues and in particular on the work of International Geneva. This content delivery aspect is enhanced with supplementary analytical material. Our main goal is to strengthen knowledge and understanding of global challenges and thereby further build on the inclusiveness of those debates and negotiations.

Our priorities

We have five focus areas: agriculture, environment, health, economics and technology & innovation. As we move forward into the 21st century, we believe these areas remain crucial not only in meeting basic human needs but also in improving peoples’ lives and building a sustainable future for everyone.
Our priority audience is mainly the higher education community, civil society, policy makers, influencers and the media.

How it works?

We have created a unique knowledge hub that is now open to the global development community: non-government organisations (NGOs), governments, the media, the private sector, funding agencies and higher education institutions committed to promoting sustainable development.
Gapeli is therefore a one-stop-shop, as it offers a unique opportunity for content providers (event organisers, experts, authors, etc.) to reach new, targeted audiences across the globe, safe in the knowledge that those audiences have an active interest in sustainable-development content.
Beyond this, we are also actively promoting the transfer of knowledge between specialists – in academia and elsewhere – and the general public.

Our partners have access to our innovative communication channels, such as the Gapeli miniplayer, which can be integrated seamlessly into outreach activities as a unique component. Together we will boost the network effect and thus intensify the rate at which knowledge on important global challenges is shared.
When sharing your content, we showcase it to the world, highlighting that you and your organisation are active on the international stage and involved in solving global issues.
Not only will Gapeli shine a spotlight on your content, it will also drive traffic to your website. Join us to learn, share, and become a driving force behind the most important ideas that are shaping our world today.
All our content is delivered free of charge and is copyright free under the ‘CC0’ Creative Commons license. This means you can download, modify, distribute and use any content royalty free for any purpose you see fit. No attribution is required. You can learn more here.

Centre of global governance
+ 2,800 meetings annually
+ 219,000 delegates from around the world
37 International Organizations (IOs)
380 Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
177 States represented by a Permanent Mission